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Fiesta Flowers Swag Border Paper

Yellow swag flowers form a page top border on this letter size printable paper sheet.

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Fiesta Flowers Printable Paper

Use the small fiesta flowers border clip art graphics on this page for making labels or small borders. Click images to view and download the size you like.

Use the PDF format flower swag paper (it prints on a full sheet of 8.5: x 11" paper) for crafts, letter writing, printer sheets, flyers, posters, signs or gift wrap.

yellow and orange flowers frame border

Click image to enlarge and copy a blank border image.

Print the 8.5" x 11" PDF flower border paper file to create a letter size paper sheet you can use to write letters by hand, print on in your printer, or use for paper crafts and scrapbook layouts.

yellow flower swag border clip art

Click here to print a letter size fiesta flower swag paper sheet in PDF format.


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