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Jigsaw Puzzle Border Page

Colorful interlocking jigsaw puzzle pieces create this interesting page border stationery sheet and clip art border set. Handy design in sizes to use for autism awareness flyers, newsletters,stickers, name tags or posters.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Border Paper Printable Sheet

Print this page and cut out the puzzle border graphics to use in cut and paste crafts or traditional scrapbooking, or save the graphics to use as clip art.

puzzle border frame clip art

This image is available in multiple sizes to meet all your project needs.

Click or right click on small border smaples to enlarge puzzle frames to label or sticker size then download to use as clip art.

Click here to print the 8.5" x 11" border sheet (PDF file), a letter size stationery sheet you can wri te on, print on with your printer, or use for paper crafts, flyers and scrapbook layouts.

The puzzle piece motif is a popular autism awareness symbol.

puzzle pieces border clip art

The smaller puzzle border graphics would make nice gift tags, labels, stickers or bookplates.

After you print a letter page, your printed border paper is easy to use with your printer and a word processing program such as MS Word.

Load the printed puzzle border paper into your printer and set your document margins to fit inside the preprinted border area all around the paper sheet.

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