Groovy Goggles™ Eye Masks

These fun eye masks are my own designs from a collection I call Groovy Goggles paper craft sheets.

Groovy Goggles are eye masks designed in the shape of silly eyeglasses to print, cut, paste and wear these cool paper masks for birthday party, dress up, masquerade or just for fun!

My designer Groovy Goggles are available in a variety of funky pattern shapes ready to create wild spectacle eye masks in shamrocks, stars, and hearts.

Many of our mask designs can be made into fancier, craftier creations by gluing on glitter, feathers, fake fur and other embellishments to the color or black and white templates and craft sheets.

The more basic line art patterns are suitable for crafting fabric or felt masks or can be used as the basis for DIY clip art, embroidery or fabric paint templates, too.

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