How to Make a Folded Gift Box with Removeable Lid

The folded paper gift box project in these video demo use regular paper cut to square shapes. You can adjust the size by changing the size of your paper; just be sure that both sheets of paper are square, and that both are the same size to begin, then trim the sheet for the box bottom slightly so it will fit inside the cover..

Try making this papercraft gift box with our printable craft papers or recycle your old greeting cards to make adorable tiny boxes with covers.

How to Make A Folded Paper Box with Attached Lid

Here's a fun way to create a small gift box with an attached cover. This is a practical Origami craft that's not difficult.

Use any paper you have on hand, just make sure you start with a square sheet. Our printable wrapping papers or folding paper squares would be great for making these paper boxes with closeable tops.