Baby Shower Gift Cards

You can purchase gift cards from almost any store - and many stores, like my local drug store and grocery, offer nationally known store gift cards for sale.

Gift cards to popular stores and online boutiques make great baby shower gifts.

Here are some ideas for presenting a gift card as a baby shower present in a unique and crafty way.

Gift cards are a great convenience, and the idea works just as well for baby showers. A baby shower gift card presented in a creative card or package is a thoughtful gift and one that's trylly appreciated.

You can buy gift cards for shopping at to local specialty shops or to large national retailers and online stores.

Gift cards to national store chains are handy if you know those stores are nearby the expectant or new parents so they can shop there.

Baby Shower Gift Card Holders, Boxes, Cards, and Gift Certificates

Design your own personalized baby shower gift card holders, gift tags, certificates and gift coupons with clip art, or check these links to find printable gift boxes, greeting cards, gift tags and gift certificates.

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If you know the names of favorite grocery stores and discount pharmacies that are convenient to the new parents, you could buy gift cards to help out with prescriptions, diapers, wipes, baby food and other necessities.

Gift cards to grocery and drug stores or large department will be the most flexible when it comes to purchases - your new parents may well need to get a few things for themselves in the first few weeks with their newborn.

The most tempting and useful of all the gift cards are the types branded by banking institutions such as VISA or MasterCard. They're accepted at any store where those credit cards are good, so it's almost like giving a cash gift.

When you purchase any gift card or certificate, check the store's policy about expiration and about exchanges or returns for items purchased using a card or certificate.

I've purchased gift cards for my daughter's family several times at my local food store. She's sent me gift cards from online stores that she knows I like.

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A gift card is small so it can be tucked into a special greeting card or a unique gift card holder. These are often available where you purchase the gift card. You can also find some very attractive presentation folders in your greeting card shop or you can opt for a fancier gift card container like a special tin or box.

Some gift cards come with their own presentation certificates (or you can design and craft your own presentation folder or envelope).

I like to combine these ideas when I give a gift card. I put the card into a special folder or container, then I wrap it and place it into another gift with a small baby present like a rattle, bib or tiny socks. I often use baby clip art to design special gift coupon booklets to go along with a purchased gift card.

You can get creative and include a "gift of your time" when you make a coupon to go with a baby shower gift card: baby sitting (the newborn or older siblings), a day of housework/garden work/shopping, dinner cooked and delivered, doing laundry for a day, and so on.