Arts and Crafts Articles and Videos

Enjoy these craft articles and videos we've created and curated for you to make holiday arts and gifts or favors, invites, or decorations for special events including weddings, showers, baby parties, and celebrations.

Use our printables and instructions to be a happy maker; follow along with the videos we recommend to create your own works of art and unique crafts.

Scrapbook Ideas

Baby Keepsake Crafts

Make a scrapbook for your favorite wee one, get creative with ideas for new baby gift cards.



Handmade Wedding Crafts Tips and Ideas

Make a unique personalized coloring book wedding favor. (

DIY wedding coloring book at leehansen dot com

Valentine's Day

Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts are the most personal and least expensive crafts you can make for someone special.

Create a fancy bouquet of chocolate roses, give a thoughtful gift certificate, or make a greeting card that's one of a kind crafted from stitched paper.


make easy and cheap chocolate roses

DIY Chocolate Roses Bouquet Craft
(Pastiche Family Portal)

Halloween Crafts

Try your hand at a new way to paint or carve a pumpkin using stencil patterns you print and transfer to your creative surface or gourd.

Art and Craft Supplies

Here are some favorite crafting books, tools and supplies we use in our home studio.

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