Pumpkin Face Patterns and Templates

You can use these printable pumpkin face patterns to carve pumpkins for Halloween, or you can make a party game with the pieces - similar to pin the tail on the donkey.

No Pumpkins, No Problem

Make a Jack O'Lantern with paper, card stock,fabric, magnetic sheets, or vinyl.

  1. Glue the paper face feature shapes onto paper bags or construction paper pumpkins. Or, mount them onto windows or bulletin boards.
  2. Cut out the face pattern pieces from magnetic material, black felt or black paper to make the cut out shapes. Use magnetic shapes to add some fun faces to your refrigerator or car!
  3. Other uses for these stencils include cutting them to use as paint stencils, or if you have a craft cutter you can cut out vinyl to make a banner or sign or sweatshirst (depending on the type of vinyl you use for the cutting).