Coloring Page Poster Design Patterns

If you're in search of high quality design posters for craft designs, adult coloring or other art and hobby uses, checkout the collections we've created for you on this site.

This page also features recommended adult coloring books by well-known companies that specialize in arts, crafts, books and supplies for creative hobbies.

All our coloring page designs are original art hand drawn or digitally created by Lee Hansen ( and are offered free for you to download for any noncommercial use.

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Adult Coloring and Design Poster Collections

You'll find popular adult coloring page collections here including mandalas, Celtic knot patterns, tattoo art, shapes and meaningful symbols, quotes and word art, 3D and optical illusions, geometric coloring designs, flowers and florals, Asian coloring pages and a few young at heart themes from our drawing board: chopper motorcycle, tricycle and other childhood toys, peace signs, VW bus and many more.

Design Project Ideas for Coloring Page Artwork

Printable coloring sheets have many uses beyond filling in the designs with markers or colored pencils. Many people use coloring page art to design tattoos or body art. Others create their own off-paper art and crafts by using the artwork lines and designs as a template.

Combine images to make unique designs and patterns for paper crafts, embroidery, fabric painting, die cuts and stenciling. Many of our line art drawing images work very well used as digital stamps and iron on transfers.