Recommended Coloring Books for Adults

Featured on this page are our favorite coloring books for grownups published by Dover and Leisure Arts. We participate in affiliate programs with these respected vendors. Any purchase you make after clicking a link for a product offered on this site earns us a small commission without any extra cost to you, and your purchase helps us to support the site and continue to offer freebies and printables.

I've been a collector of graphics, craft and art books, literature, and clip art since I was a teenager. I've shopped for books of clip art and coloring pages for more than 40 years. Select art vendors have been publishing graphics, design resources, and cultural creativel books for adults for decades, and more recently added new collections available on CDrom/DVD and through online membership. .

I know the good from the not-so-great - I am an illustrator and graphic artist. All the printables and personal use freebies on this site are my original work.

Can I Buy Nude Art Adult Coloring Books ?

Yes, you can find and purchase coloring books with intimate pictures, nudity, adult situations, and off beat humorous illustrations if you shop for them at book stores or online, but I don't feature them on this site because gets lots of young visitors.

You can learn to draw your owm with books about anatomy and art.


Anatomy drawing and art instruction book
Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists - $16.45

Blick Artist Supplies Coloring Books, Kits, Supplies

As an art student, I became a customer of Blick Art Supplies. I am honored to offer their products on this website. Blick sells student and professional art supplies, craft supplies, kits, and tools for colorists and artists of of abilities and ages.

Joy of Coloring Stain Glass Window Art Cling Kit