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Learn About Graphics File Formats - Vector Images

Craft cutting machines work with vector graphics and outline fonts. It's amazing what what you can create with a computerized cutting machine and vector art designs for die cut crafts.

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Basic Graphics File Formats   Learn About Bitmap Graphics

Make Your Own Layout - Graphics Basics For Designing Marketing Materials Part 2

By Brenda Lewis

Graphics: File formats - Vector Graphics

When you make your own layout, one of the things you'll have to do is select graphics. To do that well, you need to know something about graphics file formats (raster -- or bitmap -- and vector).

In this article, we will look at the vector graphics file format.

vector art stencil and silhouette designs

Silhouettes & Stencils Vector Designs

Vector graphics are made up of points, lines and curves that are created using mathematical equations. Unlike raster graphics, vector graphics can be resized without any loss of quality. The file size of vector graphics is also likely to be smaller then a similar raster graphic. Artwork created in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW are vector graphics.

It is often much more difficult to create anything other than simple graphics in a vector graphics program than in a raster graphics program. That is because, in a raster graphics program, if you choose the pen or paintbrush tool, all you have to do is draw. In a vector graphics program, you usually have to set anchor points and connect them with Bezier curves. As I said before, it's all mathematics.

Once you have created your vector graphic, it is easy to convert it to a raster image (once you have the vector image at the size you need). But, it can be very difficult to convert a raster image into a vector one. While there is software available that will allow you to "trace" your raster image in a vector graphics program, it takes much trial-and-error to get even tolerable results. And, if the raster image is even slightly complex, you're probably better off not trying to convert it at all.

Fantasy Vector Designs

Vector graphics programs are, however, the perfect choice when you want to create a graphic based on text. This is because, once you have your text in the font you want, you can convert the text to a graphic and then manipulate it by clicking on anchor points located on the corners, mid-points of lines or mid-points of curves and reshaping to your heart's content.

And, vector graphics print beautifully. Because the graphic is made up of mathematical curves, it will print cleanly whether printed on a business card or on a large poster. All from the same file.

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Brenda Lewis is a veteran graphic designer who has conducted graphic design workshops for both local and national audiences.

Art Nouveau Vector Motifs

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