Special Holidays Clip Art

There are some holidays that are just, well, different. Special Holidays - like Sadie Hawkins day, Ground Hog Day, Take your Kids to Work Day, Opening Day, Fastnacht Day or Friday the 13th ... not everyone celebrates these special days.

In fact, some people don't even know about these weird holidays; but for those of us who do, here's some cool special clip art for the most unusual holidays.

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evil eye good luck symbol friday 13th

Evil Eye Protection for Friday the 13th or bad influences - capture evil nearby with this icon.


sadie hawkins clip art

Sadie Hawkins Day is not so popular these days, but some ladies may remember it from pre-ERA times.

Black and White Art for Unusual Holidays

Dreate your own colorful graphics for weird and wonderful celebrations with this line art from our coloring collections.

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