Bottle Cap Mini Clip Art

Clip Art Buttons & Bullets

These smaller graphics, also known as buttons or bullets, are thumbnail pictures from our vast collection of clip art.

Use the size image you need, but be sure to copy it to your computer - please don't link to the graphics on this site. Please read and honor  Terms of Use  before using our printables and graphics.

Small Clip Art Images - Bottle Cap Graphics

Small clip art images and buttons are useful for web pages or small print projects and are available in larger sizes - some have matching borders or backgrounds, too.

This collection of small graphics is popular with makers who specialize in mini magnets and bottlecap art. It's also a great size for creating temporary tattoos for kids and making stickers.

Clip Art Tags

How to Use the Bottlecap Graphics

You can print the entire page, or choose from these options:

  • Right click on an image to open a printer friendly page with a single graphic.
  • Click an image to open a page with the full size graphic you can shrink to your desired size.

Cherry Blossom

Hawaiian Shirt


Beach Time

Snowman button graphic


Peep chick button

Lavender Peep

Blue chick peep button art

Blue Peep

Yellow chick button

Yellow Peep

Bonnet easter button


Easter egg clip

Green Egg

Easter egg clip button

Dots Egg

Yellow peep graphic

Yellow Chick

One of my favorite sources for excellent quality clip art in cut out books (real clip art) and on CDROM is Dover Publications. I've been a customer for more than 40 years. Dover publishes books and a whole lot more, at affordable prices in high quality.

Art Nouveau Vector Motifs

Jack O Lantern

Sugar Skull


Pumpkin Witch

Eire button graphic

Eire Button

Pot of gold graphic button

Pot of Gold

Funky shamrock button

Funky Shamrock

Lucky shamrock button

Lucky Shamrock

kitten in xmas stocking

Kitten in Stocking

Gingerbread cookie button

Gingerbread Cookie

Chili pepper wreath graphic

Chilies Wreath

Angel button graphic


Double heart button graphic

Double Heart

Diamond heart graphic

Diamond Heart

Ruffle edge heart button graphic

Ruffles Heart

Shiny pink heart button clip

Shiny Heart

Blue butterfly button art

Blue butterfly

Cupcake button art

Birthday Cupcake

Chili peppers clip

Chili Peppers

Hot dog graphic button

Hot Dog

Peace button

Peace Symbol

Apple button graphic


Watering can sprinkler can button

Watering Can

Baby penguin button graphic

Baby Penguin

Rubber duck button graphic

Rubber Duck 1

Baby duck graphic button

Rubber Duck 2

Pink binky graphic button

Pink Pacifier

Blue baby soother button

Blue Pacifier

evil eye good luck symbol friday 13th

Evil Eye

sadie hawkins clip art

Sadie Hawkins Day

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