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Here's what's okay

You can publish a single copy of a graphic, coloring page thumbnail or printable thumbnail on your blog or web site if you link to this web site and give credit to us as the owner/artist. You can use our creatives to make anything you use for personal use or to give away as gifts. You may Pin or share small images to social sites if you include a link to this site.

Rules for sharing and linking

Do not link directly to any viewable content or downloadable files published on this site.

Please link to the HTML page where the coloring page, clip art or printable craft sheet information is published. You may use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or other social sites to share a link and single image. You may add links to our pages from StumbleUpon.

Do not upload any content from this site to another web site or sharing service.

Copyright owner reserves the right to remove, modify, or change any content and to update and/or revise the terms of use at any time.

What you CANNOT do with our site content ...

You cannot sell any of the graphics, printables, ideas, or other content on this site.

You cannot modify Clip Art 'n Crafts artwork to "make it yours" or design or create products to sell with Clip Art 'n Crafts graphics on them without permission and/or a license from the artist.

Please also review our Privacy Policy. We do not collect information from forms or other personal data on this website.